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15+ Small Business Ideas for Moms

I scoured the web and found a few great business ideas for at-home moms. Look through and find one that fits your passion.

Sell your products online: No, Etsy is not oversaturated. There are thousands of moms, many in our group, making money every single day. If you don't want to use Etsy, there are many great alternatives or you can host and sell using Wix or Shopify. But you can't sell anything until you list products and begin to market them consistently.

Become a coach: Are you good at something? Have you been in an industry for a long time? Do you have a license in a specific area? Start helping people who are trying to get where you've been.

Become a Virtual Assistant: You can make money helping a business owner with administrative tasks. People need bloggers, transcription services, customer service help, email support, and more.

Social Media Manager: We've written about social media management a ton on this blog! Business owners, authors, and churches need people to handle their social media accounts. That could be you!

Childcare: Laws by country and state, but in-home daycares and childcare are a great way to make money and serve families. Most parents do need help whether it's occasional babysitting or regular childcare.

Pet Sitting: There are sites like Rover that you can use to start pet setting and dog walking, or you can go into business for yourself! Look up local laws and consider insurance.

Start Blogging: You can make money writing. Regularly blogging can be a source of income if you go about it the right way. Find a niche and stay in that market. Get traffic coming your way by sharing your blog through social media. Pitch to businesses within your niche for advertising and sponsorship. You can also make money blogging by ghost writing and content creation.

Become a Tutor: There are many tutoring and remote schools hiring, but you can also go into business for yourself. Do you have a skill that you can pass on to children or adults? ESL, teaching music, SAT prep, kindergarten readiness...the opportunities are endless.

Graphic Design: The are many up-and-coming business owners looking for logos, social media images, and more.

Design and Sell T-Shirts: The key to making it in this genre is to niche down. Make t-shirts for local sporting events, bridesmaids parties, church groups, birthday parties, or as gifts. Niching down will help you market more effectively.

Reseller: Become someone who buys low and resells items like vintage clothing, thrift store finds, children's toys, and more. Facebook Marketplace is a great way to start earning money today. You can also sell on eBay and other clothing websites.

Sell Jewelry Online: Sell the beautiful jewelry that you make. People are always looking for unique items, especially if they have a story behind them.

Start Selling Your Art: The first step to selling your art is sharing it online. Whether you use Etsy or host sales on your own site, market on social media, and get started selling! Every artist you see selling today began with a simple decision to go for it.

Resume Help: So many people need help with their resumes! If you know how to optimize resumes, this could be a very lucrative business.

Edit Podcasts: If you know how to edit and optimize audio, list your services with sites such as Fiverr and Upwork and start building a client list.

Grant Writing: Securing grants is a feat. Organizations are often looking for help. Get the training you need to learn how to write grants if you don't already have it. Shadow or intern under an experienced grant writer for experience. Then jump in and start helping people! Every experienced grant writer started somewhere.

Bookkeeper: Influencers, business owners...many need bookeeping help. If you have an affinity for numbers and are willing to get trained, this could be for you.

If you end up trying one of these, let me know!

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