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Bloggers: Paid Engagement Opportunity

Attention Simon Malls has a paid engagement opportunity! It's for $200. Remember, you can always try to negotiate for more.

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine shared an email with me wherein a company was offering her a specific amount of money to create content. I encouraged her to ask for about 20% more. They said yes.

The first number is often a jumping off to start negotiations. The worst you can hear is no. And even if they say no, once you work with a company, you're in and have access to more opportunities with them. Don't despise small beginnings. This would be a great portfolio builder for an up-and-coming blogger!

Good luck!


Hi there!

2024 is the year of Simon®. The largest owner and operator of shopping centers in the United States wants to show the fun behind IRL shopping/experiences and wants YOU to participate in all that your local Simon Mall has to offer.

We are looking for all types of creators: the shoppers, the fashionistas, glam-obsessed, fitness enthusiasts, cooks/chefs, lifestyle, movie-lovers, and more, to create one video on TikTok or Instagram Reels in exchange for $200 once the collaboration has been completed.

Interested?! Go ahead and click the Apply Now button above to fill out your application. Please be sure to fill out the entire application and choose all malls that are in your vicinity as well as the various programs that are of interest. 

If you have already applied to this program then please ignore this email and we will reach out if the campaign is a fit. We apologize for the double email!

We look forward to working with you!


Simon x Aspire Team 


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