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Deception in the Work-at-Home Mom Community

"Join my team, I made $8,000 in my first month!"

"Sign up for my product and you'll lose 25lbs in two weeks!"

"Pay $500 for my list and you'll triple that within days!"

There is a lot of deception in the work-at-home mom community. Some of it comes from people on the outside preying on vulnerable women in desperate situations, but quite a bit of it comes from within.

Why? It's the same reason you find a lot of scams in third world questions. The desperate and struggling are preying on the desperate and struggling.

The "fake it 'till you make it" front, the idea that you have to convince others you have something they want so they give you their money is a big problem in the work-at-home community. The idea that you have to manipulate others into becoming customers is extremely common and rooted in a lack of belief that you can make it by offering real value.

It's the ultimate poverty mindset: There isn't enough, so I have to trick people into giving what is theirs to me.

Moms, we need to break this. People do businesses the right way every single day. People have customers who have both eyes open, customers they are up front with every single day.

It's a heavy thing to always have to be afraid of the people you've duped waking up to see that you tricked them. Why not do businesses with a clear conscience?

The first step is realizing that there is enough for everyone. There are enough customers. Take the steps and time to learn how to do business well in your area from people who are doing it. Don't go to teachers who operate in deception and scams. If you've been a victim, break the cycle.

Learn from coaches who have earned money and run businesses, written and sold books- not those teaching things they haven't done. The ones who have done it, can teach you how. The ones who haven't, can only teach you how to sell dreams, not realities they haven't lived.

When you are offering true value, you don't have to lie or scheme.

Do the work. Learn. Try. Focus.

As moms, we don't have a lot of time and shortcuts can seem appealing, but they have a cost in the long run both in conscience and reputation.

Better to spend twenty minutes a day building a solid small business that can grow into something big than chase mirages.

You can do this the right way. Take deep breaths and bring the same love and work ethic you put into your family and reserve some for the dream in your heart.

I believe in you. Integrity first.

love, Bunmi

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Mar 22

This is such a refreshing read. Thank you.

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