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Five Things Every Future Work-at-Home Mom Needs to Know

Every day in the Facebook group I see posts from moms desperate to find at-home work. Sometimes they've been working out in the world and are tired of missing moments with their children and other times, they are stay-at-home moms living under the pinch of this new economy.

Either way, they have a dream of being able to be at home and make money.

I've been a work-at-home mom for 18 years. I have many friends who are work-at-home moms. Alexis, my good friend who I hired to help me with the Facebook group, is a work-at-home mom.

You can do it, but here are some honest truths you need to know about what it really means to live this life.

Five Things Every Future Work-at-Home Mom Needs to Know

First: You have to have a solid "why." Why are you wanting to work-from-home? Being a WAHM is not easy. There's constant juggling, interruptions- some days I forget to shower and I know this lifestyle gave me a few premature gray hairs when I was getting started.

It's not like being in an office, uninterrupted unless you have help. But I've had help here and there in the past and guess what- your kids will still find you if you're in the house. I gave up having babysitters early on and just settled into working around my kids. We developed our own routine, our own lifestyle, and I wouldn't give it up for hours alone in an office because I know how fast kids grow up.

One day I'll have all the silence in the world to work. Right now, while they're at home, I know I wanted to make it work and not have to ask someone if I could be at home if I had a sick child or miss important moments because I had a boss who didn't get it. My Why is my kids. You have to have a WHY. It'll keep you going.

2. Being desperate will get you scammed. Whether by a company based in a foreign country or a just another mom trying to make a buck, being so desperate that you believe any pipe dream you're sold will separate you from your money faster than a toddler can get into that cabinet under the kitchen sink.

Anyone promising you quick riches is lying. If they'd discovered a gold mine, they wouldn't be talking to you. Take your time with opportunities, research them. See what Reddit has to say. Don't let denial lead you to a world of regret. Don't believer every Instagram reel and landing page.

3. Keep your integrity. Do not become someone who uses others. No one thinks they will, but in the WAHM world I've seen many women use other moms to line their pocketbooks. Pay fairly. Treat others how you would want to be treated. Don't sell false dreams. You'll never make it that way.

4. Put on your business owner hat. When you're working at home, you very often have to think as an administrator not as an employee. No one is hovering over you to see if you're getting your work done. If you're coming from a highly-controlled work environment, this can feel overwhelming but in reality, you already do this daily. When you wake up in the morning, no one gives you a briefing on what your family and home needs for the day. You look around and figure it out. You're going to have to think like a business owner who is running things even if you're working for someone else.

5. Sometimes you have to create your own opportunities. I see a lot of posts from women discouraged that they can't find the job they're looking for. If you've been sending out piles of resumes and still can't find anything, it's time to create your own job. It's not as hard as it seems. I've talked about social media management a lot on this blog. Get two clients and you could be bringing in $1k a month. One more, $1,500. Four $2k. When I started working at home I was staying up until 11pm scheduling posts for my clients. I would check on social media pages before lunch and then take my kids to the park. I'd email clients at nap time or afternoon TV shows. Then at bedtime, I'd go over client pages and make sure everything was ok and begin scheduling again.

It took a lot of determination, but I had bills to pay and kids who needed me, I didn't have room to be scared.

Take the initiative. Stop asking people how you can get started and start. Sometimes we stall by acting like we don't have enough information. It's easy to get stuck in perpetual research mode because there there is so much out there to look at.

There are many posts on this blog about social media management. It'll never feel like the right day to start. Just start. And if you hear a "No" keep going. I have been turned down by many, but I kept pitching and revising my pitch until I heard my first yes.

Let go of fear. Being a mom is the hardest job on earth. If you can do that, you can do anything.

Let's go. I'll be putting up more tips on social media management and how it has paid my bills for 15+ years. But you can still get started today.

You go this. Get started. love, Bunmi


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