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Five Tools For Self-Publishing on Amazon KDP

Many have asked about how to publish their books on their own using Amazon KDP. You can do this and it's a lot easier than you think.

This post won't get into marketing (the essential nest step after publishing), but all you need to know is that marketing isn't complicated either. Creating Reels and/or TikToks consistently will sell your book. Some also pay for ads on Facebook, but really, creating consistent content focused on what your book has to offer will attract buyers.

Five Tools for Self-Publishing Your Book on Amazon KDP

The Amazon KDP Website:

This is where you'll sign up to sell on Amazon, pick your book size (trim size), upload your book, and track sales.

Choose your trim size based on sizes of other books in your genre. You can see the size of any book on Amazon in the "Book Details" section.

Your ISBN is your unique book identifying number and barcode. Amazon provides ISBNs free of charge and not all books need them (low content books do not always need ISBNs), but having your own is preferable. If you sell your books to bookstores or have them in libraries, it's good to have your own.

It's not a big deal if you don't have your ISBN. Don't let it stop you from publishing. I've published books with Amazon's free ISBNs.

Canva: Graphic Design

Canva is a great website for formatting and designing your book. Be sure to make sure the graphics you use are OK to use for self-publishing. They have many templates for book covers and interior files.

Fiverr: A Freelancing Site

I've hired many illustrators and editors from Fiverr. Check reviews and make sure you're dealing with someone who does this professionally. Look at their portfolio. Ask questions.

Upwork: Another Great Freelancing Site

Upwork is another great freelancing site where you can find editors, illustrators, book formatters, marketers and more.

I find Upwork a bit more professional than Fiverr, but the cost tends to be higher, too. You often do. get what you pay for. Don't get hung up on what you can and can't afford, do what you can with the money you have available.


There are many, many people with great books in their hearts. Don't let perfectionism or fear get in the way of getting your book out there. Just go for it. Start today.



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