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How to Become a Paid Mom Blogger

Mom blogging is coming back in a huge way. Gone are the days when you need thousands of followers or hundreds of thousands of hits a day to make money.

If you niche down- focus on a specific aspect of mom blogging, ie. all-natural moms, book reviews, product reviews, homeschool moms, neurodivergent mom life- you can grow a following quicker than if you keep things general and vague.

People don't want impressive influencers as much as they want real moms tackling the specific issues in life that they are.

There are a million mom bloggers talking about life in a vague sense. Having a niche helps you stand out and gives people a unique way by which they can connect to you.

You can grow traffic using Instagram or TikTok by following people specific to your niche.

How to do it: Go on Instagram or TikTok. Let's say you're going to write a blog about being an autistic mom or mom to an autistic child, look for other blogs or advocacy pages. Follow the people who interact with that blog the most by going to their latest post and following the people who liked it.

Instagram puts a cap on how many people you can follow. It's somewhere near 50-100. Around half of the people you follow will follow you back. Interact with their pages. Like and comment on their photos as your blog's profile.

Make sure your bio and photo clearly convey what you do and have a link to your blog.

Grow your audience by regularly and passionately writing about it.

Promote your blog in stories and in posts.

These are the top ways to make money as a micro mom blogger (mom blogger without an enormous following):

Smaller sponsorship deals: You can earn anywhere from $200-600 per engagement from small businesses who need publicity in your niche.

Sponsored Posts: If a writer has a book coming out, offer to write a paid but honest sponsored review. If a smaller company has a product out that readers would enjoy, send then an email and inquire about a sponsored post.

Affiliate programs: Sign up for affiliate programs for products related to your niche using Share A Sale and Commission Junction.

Etsy affiliates: Find Etsy sellers who sell things you like and work out a your own private referral system using dedicated links.

Create products: Create eBooks, print-on-demand products, or digital products your readers would enjoy. You can sell them on Etsy or your website.

Avoid agencies that mass send out brand deals. These types of posts often cause audiences to disconnect. Keep all sponsorships specific to your niche and targeted.

Think about what you'd love to write about often and go for it!


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