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How to Become a Virtual Assistant? Three Great Books.

If you've been thinking of becoming a Virtual Assistant, step one is to learn more about it. The tendency of moms looking for at-home work is to jump into expensive courses or signing with a program right away.

Unless you like wasting money and time (and I know you don't), take the time to figure out if this will work for you.

Does being a VA fit my lifestyle?

Does being a VA my personality?

Does being a VA fit my organizational skills?

Is this even what I really want to do or do I just need money?

You can save so much money in your work-at-home mom journey if you before spending big on courses and programs and the newest "hot" thing, you take the time to learn about the subject. Spend two days reading about it before deciding.

Someone selling a course will naturally tell you everything great about it. But is it really for you?

Here are three books on becoming a Virtual Assistant that will tell you everything you need to know before jumping in.

Become a Successful Virtual Assistant by Melissa Smith

Are you ready to change your life and your lifestyle by becoming a virtual assistant? You might have seen ads or heard of someone who was working as a VA and wondered if you could do the same. You can!

I wrote this book to teach you all you need to know to start your own VA business. By sharing my own experiences and insights, you will save months or even years trying to figure everything out on your own!

How to Become a Virtual a Virtual Assistant: Start Your Own Business From Home

by Laura Briggs

In How to Become a Virtual Assistant, you’ll discover how to:

· Decide what services to offer and brush up skills quickly and affordably

· Find clients and market your new business

· Treat your business like a business from day one

Work from home ideas like becoming a virtual assistant or administrative assistant have gotten even more popular in the past few years- is now your time? Create your own virtual assistant job or side hustle and use this administrative assistant book to figure out the steps to get there so you can earn money from home.

Just Launch: The Quick Guide to Launching Your Virtual Assistant Business by Lydia Senn

Do you want to start your own business? Do you want to help clients achieve success? Do you want to earn a good and steady income from home?

Virtual Assisting is a thriving and growing field with lots of opportunities for people of all niches. But how do you break into the market?

Just Start: The Quick Guide to Launching You Virtual Assistant Business is the book for you if:

  • You want to create a scalable business you can do from home.

  • You are looking to create a part-time or full-time income.

  • You have skills you just don’t know where to start.

  • You’re uncertain where to find clients or even begin.

  • The idea of setting up a business overwhelms you.

If you're a VA who wants to share her story or business, email


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