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New Podcast Episode: Four Ways to Make Money Today

Updated: May 24

Listen, I know what it is to struggle and not be sure how you're going to make rent, if your card is going to go through when you buy groceries, or wonder how you're going to get home on an near empty gas tank.

This won't last forever. You will make it out.

It's my God's grace that I made it out and into better times with me and my children.

If you're having a hard time getting by, this episode is for you. The alternate title is "Find Money Today" because it really is about that: finding money in unexpected placed. This episode explains exactly what I did to make money when I was in a pinch.

You have more money around than you think.

Lots of love to you, mama. Don't give up. You're a great mom. God is with you.

love, Bunmi


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