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New Podcast Episode: 5 Ways to Know it's a Scam

Updated: May 24

We've all seen the posts or had someone come into our DMs pretending to be interested in our lives and only to find out they're trying to recruit us.

Too many moms are getting caught up in businesses and scams that they wish they hadn't. In this episode I share five ways to know it's a scam. I also define scam as a maybe legit business but with shady or deceptive practices because that's still scamming.

I talk fast in the beginning because I record in my bedroom and am always scared a kid is gonna walk in. I hate editing and need to get it done well in one take LOL. I love recording these because I know how a podcast can feel like having a friend to chat with. For anyone who needs a buddy, I'll be your buddy.

In this episode I say "freaking" at one point by accident and mention the ugh...crack house I lived across the street from in California as a new mom and wife so if your kids are around and you're not ready for these convos take precautions.

Have a great day, mama. love, Bunmi


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