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Social Media Manager Training Recap!

Updated: Jun 25

Thank you so much to everyone who came on the Zoom last night! It was awesome to hear your voices. Your questions were brilliant. I loved talking with you.

As promised, here is the video. I created a whole channel for it.

Subscribe to stay up to date on future trainings:

You start to see my face at around the three minute mark (when I get brave enough to be be on camera).

Here is the post with the sample emails that you can use to pitch businesses:

Remember: everyone in the world knows what it's like to try something new. No, you don't have to start as an expert.

Here are the other resources we discussed:

Take the time and play around with Canva templates. Look around and see what other social media accounts are doing to promote books, florists, and more. I believe in you.

Like I said, it's way easier to run a social media account than a household and you're taking care of a whole family. You can do this.

I'll keep blogging about this and doing podcasts on the topic.

I know, logically, one training might not be enough so I created a spinoff group just for social media managers who are new, just getting started, or have been doing it for awhile but want a community. I'll offer tips and tricks.

lots of love, Bunmi


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