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Ten Side Hustles for Moms

While there are plenty of moms looking for full-time work-at-home jobs, many of you are looking for side hustles.

Who is this for? The mom who want to make a couple to several hundred (or thousand depending on how much you work it) dollars a month. Generally, moms who want side hustles want them because they'll be working with little ones at their feet or around their school schedules.

Here's a compilation of the side hustles moms having been posting in our Facebook group and a few I've found around the ol' Internet:


Poplin is a nationwide laundry service that lets you work from home by helping people do their laundry. You sign up, accept jobs in your area, do the laundry, and repeat.

A few moms on our page do this gig and make money from it! If you're not too bad at folding and need some extra money, give it a shot.


If you love animals, this is the gig for you. Rover is an agency that helps people find loving individuals to walk, pet-sit, board, offer doggy daycare, and do drop-in visits for pets.

This honestly looks like such a rewarding side hustle. All you need to do to get started is create a profile.

House Cleaning

*This one isn't technically from home.

Cleaning is more than just a side-hustle, it can turn into a full-time business depending on how big you want to take it. With just a few clients, you could easily make $300-1,000 a month depending on the client type and where you live.

How to get clients: Post an ad on the online classifieds in your area. Create a free logo in Canva to make yourself look a bit more professional. Share a bit about yourself and let people know you have personal references who can vouch for your character even if you don't have a client base to offer testimonials. Mention what sets you apart.

Sample ad:

Squeaky Clean with Charlene is now accepting new clients! I have 15 years cleaning experience and am very detail oriented. I use only natural, effective cleaning products which means your kid and pets are safe! Email, call, or text to book your house, office, or condo cleaning today.

Here are examples of more detailed ads, but honestly, I've hired people from five sentence ads before. Examples

Not everyone wants to work with a big company. Sometimes a mom is just looking for a friendly, safe person to help her get her home together for $100-140 over a few hours. It can't hurt to place an ad! Always take precautions with strangers to keep yourself safe.

Virtual Assisting

So many moms work as virtual assistants. The big question is always, "How do I start?"

There are plenty of course and blogs on the topic of getting started as a VA. I'll offer a few tips as someone who has hired many and worked as a self-taught social media manger for years.

Number one: determine what kind of work you want to do. What are you good at? Organizing schedules? Posting on social media? Writing blog posts?

Stick to a couple of things you really want to do and can do well for others.

Then step 2: Put yourself out there. You have to be a go-getter. What do you have to lose? Email a few of your favorite bloggers.

Tell them you're a good writer and are good at making social media posts. Send them a couple of images in the style of their current social media aesthetic and send it to them as an example. You can do the same for businesses.

Send them a couple of images with inspirational quotes from people in their genre with their branding, ready to go. Send them a sample of your writing that can go on their blog. Offer to ghost-write.

Put together a simple one-page in Canva with a little about yourself, what you can offer and send it out.

What people need is help. Find out how you can be of service and you'll get hired.

Uber/Door Dash

A few moms on the page have mentioned they have worked with Uber and Door Dash. If you're in need of a quick way to earn income, I don't want to leave them out. This may work for you.


Wag is a company similar to Rover. You can sign up to be a pet sitter or dog walker.


There is a huge demand for tutors and more than a few companies to choose from. They aren't all created equal so do your research, but if you enjoy teaching, this could be for you. Tutoring hours vary from after school, evening, weekends so there is flexibility.


If you're already taking care of your own kids, what's one more? Jokes aside, helping out another family is a great way to earn extra income. It's easier to trust another mom to take care of your child than a stranger, too.

There are moms who do in-home babysitting for other parents, pick up children from school, and offer weekend support for parents.

You can put up a flyers at daycares, your child's school (get permission of course), on your church bulletin board, or on your community's classifieds. There are many, many families who need support.

Meal Prep

Do you love cooking? Do you like it enough to cook or bake for others? From sourdough to full meals, moms are making money providing frozen and cooked food for people who simply don't have time. They don't have to be fancy.

Prepared and frozen breakfast sandwiches for busy mornings. Casseroles. Meal-prepped veggies. Post an ad and see if you get bites. Check your area's cottage laws.


Etsy can be a full-time business, but many moms are making a few hundred to a thousand dollars a month selling handmade items on the side. This does take a willingness to promote online, but if you're open to to making Instagram reels or TikToks showing off your handmade goods, you can make money.

There are courses that teach you ads, keywords, etc., that can take you even higher. But what matters most is a willingness to start and be consistent. Create a brand with images, great photos, and detailed language that conveys your passion for what you're making.

I love buying from people on Etsy who seem like they're having fun and enjoy the things they create. If I have the choice between a woven bracelet on Amazon or one made by someone in Oregon with a passion for it, I'll choose the latter every time.

Share the story behind what you make and why it matters to you.

Advertise using free classifieds, Facebook marketplace, and local craft sales. Really have fun with it and people will be drawn to your shop.

I've had an Etsy store and enjoyed it. If I had time, I'd still be running it. Sales didn't come overnight, but when I put work into it, they did come.


Do you do a side hustle I didn't mention here? Share it in the comments!

PS. Since I've got you here, if you are looking for a full-time remote job, Premera/Blue Cross is hiring Account Managers. Thanks to the mom who shared this on the group page!


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