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The Secret to Making Great Social Media Marketing Content

I've been blogging and making content for about 15 years. In that time, I've written many viral pieces/posts and they helped build my career. People will give you lots of tips and tricks for creating content that goes far and wide, but I'll tell you the secret: authenticity.

It's not about how well you can write. It's about how well you can connect.

You have to show up as yourself online. Where most people get lost is that they try to sound like someone else or get too caught up in trying to be an authority in their market. People can sense when you're just being you.

We don't choose our friends because of what they know, we choose them because of who they are.

Think about the people you love following online. Chances are, you love that they're being authentically themselves.

If you're selling a product, go back to why you went into business. What inspired you? Why is this your passion? Use these truths to help you create content that tell story.

Selling on social media is about telling your story and connecting it to the product that you've created.

Let's say you're selling preemie baby clothes. You may want to create reels about:

  • Your personal connection to premature babies. Did you have a preemie? Share you story and your heart.

  • Stories of families you've helped (with their permission)

  • Tips for parents of preemies based on what you've experienced

  • Tips for extended family members of a preemie- how can they help? What are common mistakes extended family members make?

Now you know what kind of content to make. The next step is making the content visually appealing. When creating reels, keep in mind people give a reel about two seconds before deciding to watch it.

They look at:

  • Lighting- it doesn't have to be professional but it does have to be pleasing to the eye. Make your video outside!

  • Sound- invest in a small clip mic like this one so you can be heard clearly and well.

  • You first three seconds need to have a hook. It doesn't have to be fake or sales-y, just interesting. Think: "Here's something you didn't know but wish you did."

  • Consider your background: try to avoid recording in cluttered or messy areas unless that's part of the context!

Take the time to look at the content of businesses and creators in your industry. Think about what you like about their content. Don't copy it but let it inspire you.

When it comes to static posts, tell a story with the photo and in the caption. Take the kind of photos that you would look at twice. Use Canva templates if you'd like but customize them so that aren't too sterile.

Stock photos are great, but keep in mind, people still do like to see candid photos of people's lives.

Evaluate your content honestly. "If I didn't make this, would I engage with this content?"

Be yourself. Practice makes better. Tell your story.

You got this.

love. Bunmi


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