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Why Being a Social Media Manager is Perfect for Moms

Updated: May 24

I’ve been a work-at-home mom for 17 years. It hasn’t been as easy road, but it IS possible to do and do well. I wouldn’t have traded the home with my kids and being available to them for anything.

People know me as a writer, but I wasn’t always one. For most of my mom life I handled the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (now “X”) accounts for companies & authors.

Most moms who want to work at home are looking for remote positions, but if you want something that allows you to own your time and make good money, the number one job I recommend is becoming a social media manager.

I did this for 15+ years and still take on clients, even as a writer.

It’s easier for me to talk than type so I recorded this podcast episode explaining how I got into social media marketing, what I love about it, and why I think it’s the work-at-home mom dream job.

You don’t need a college degree, experience, a huge investment, and you can do it in a couple hours a day or less. All it really takes is a bit of courage and a willingness to learn.

Here’s the episode. You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify in the car, as you pick up around the house, or walk (that’s what I do lol). It’s a bit easier than reading.

I’ll keep doing episodes about this with advice and tips. You can do this.



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May 22

Great podcast! I am curious if you’ve gotten a lot of pushback about “lack of experience”? I belong to a FB Group of local business owners and it seems every post in search of a social media manager looks for “experience.”

How did you, personally, conquer that? And avoid making yourself look inexperienced.

Thank you!

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